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Did you know that fibre plays a very important role in the proper functioning of your body, and is essential for good health?

Colon Cancer is a big killer in Australia with over 4,000 people losing their lives in 2015. When you look at cancer statistics, be aware that even though Doctors claim to cure one form of cancer, it often comes back in another part of the body.

There is no more important area of the body than the colon when it comes to benefits of fibre. As food passes from the stomach into the large intestine, it needs bulk for proper bowel action, to move the waste out of the body. Foods high in processed sugar and flour are very low in fibre, so they do not allow proper colon operation. Foods such as doughnuts, pizza and hamburgers are very low in fibre.

In the 1980s, a researcher, Dr Denis Burkitt, wrote a book which came from his work in Uganda, where he noticed that colon cancer was almost non-existent where people had a diet of mainly grains and fresh fruit and vegetables. His conclusion is that most of us in western civilisation simply don’t get enough fiber for our colons to operate correctly. The result of this is a wide variety of diseases and cancers, in particular colon cancer.

Given that most of us are hooked on our modern diets, we have two choices. One is to change our habits entirely. Unfortunately with the pace of life and the fast food craze, for most this seems unlikely. The second is to add more fiber in the form of supplementation.

One of the best forms of Dietary fibre is Psyllium Husks. After adding water, these bulk up in the colon and apart from giving you a feeling of being full, great for weight loss, facilitate correct operation of the colon. When it has certain herbs added, this becomes a powerful colon cleanser, greatly lessening your chance of getting colon cancer.

Herbal Fiberblend is a product that contains sufficient Psyllium Husks, plus 17 additional herbs to cleanse and recondition the bowel, while eliminating intestinal parasites that thrive in a putrified colon as well. For nearly 30 years this formula has been used by hundreds of thousands of people the world over to keep their colons in good shape. For those who are lucky enough to find this product, they report amazing improvements in health after only a short while.

The inclusion of fibre in the Herbal Fiberblend formula is a reason why if you decide to stop using it, you will need to add fiber from another source or your colon will eventually start to deteriorate once again.