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Healthy Cell Concept

The basis for the AIM philosophy of good health is that of healthy cells. My first visit to an AIM conference was in 1998 in Sydney where I met many of the people I am still in contact with.

Although we are all much older now, for the most part we don’t look or act our age. There is no doubt, based on observation, that keeping your cells healthy does slow down the aging process and maintain your health and vitality for many years longer than is the norm.

Here are some videos explaining the different features of the healthy cell concept.


Explains the Healthy Cell Concept

Cell Exercise

How do you exercise your cells for vibrant health?

Cell Food

What should you feed your cells so that they thrive

Cell Environment

Are there environmental factors that inhibit the health of your body?

Cell Protection

How do you protect your cells from invading toxins, etc.

Healthy Mental Attitude

Why how you think is a vital ingredient in vital health.