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What Everybody Ought To Know About Green Juice Products!

What if you purchased a green juice product only to find out that you received hardly any of the incredible nutrients?

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The Difference Between Cows And Humans

There is confusion about the various green juice products. Which has the best nutrient profile, and what are the differences. Is juicing better than simply crushing barley grass? Cows eat barley grass. They have a special 4 stomach system to break down the fiber. Humans don't! We don't want a product where the nutrients aren't available for absorption in our bodies.

How Would You Feel If after purchasing and eating a green juice product for some time, you discovered that your body simply wasn't absorbing the nutrients?

There is great debate over green juices. Report says that only cows can digest cellulose, but many claim that crushed Barley Grass can be digested by humans. Where is the scientific proof?

Nutritional profiles are worthless if your body is unable to absorb them. Heating, delaying processing after harvesting, simply crushing the leaves, just doesn't cut it. You don't want to put your faith in something that doesn't stack up in reality.

Are you risking your health due to being sucked in by some fancy marketers talk?

Juicing Barley Grass Solves The Problem

When Grass Is Juiced, the cellulose fiber breaks down, releasing the nutrients. When done at or near room temperature and soon after harvesting, there is maximum retention of the nutritional profile.

Wheat Grass is juiced for a reason. The same can be said for quality Green Barley Juice that is digestible by humans.

Fortunately there are Green Juice powders that are fully juiced, and release the maximum amount of nutrition quickly into your body.

My Journey To Vibrant Health

I was quite sick as a child. I contracted Measles, Mumps, German Measles, Chicken Pox, had my Tonsils removed at age 6, suffered from Bronchitis, and at 14 spent 3 months bedridden from Rheumatic Fever. I travelled for 3 years around the world and ended up with boils that almost stopped me walking and Amoebic Dysentery.

In 1978, my family was introduced to Fruit and Vegetable Juicing and it changed our health and well being. The person who told us about it, Connie Vaccario, swore that she had been cured of cancer with a combination of Colonic Hydrotherapy and green juices. After devouring the books of Dr Norman Walker who lived to 107, we purchased our first juicer and started juicing carrots, beets and celery. Our health improved dramatically. Barley Grass was not included due to the challenge of breaking down the cellulose fiber.

Some 20 years later, I was introduced to a powdered green juice, as a more convenient way to absorb the nutrition of raw vegetables. When I looked at the nutrient profile, I was impressed. Once I studied the science, I realized that by juicing the young green barley leaves, the nutrients became available for the body. This involved a very special process, and was not possible with my domestic juicer.

In 1998, I was fortunate enough to attend a lecture by Dr Yoshida Hagiwara, the person who made the breakthrough of juicing green barley. He had been dying of cancer prior to making his discovery. Dr Hagiwara tested over 200 different plants and concluded that Barley Grass had the highest nutritional content. He then created breakthrough technology to juice the Barley Grass, extracting the nutrients and removing the Cellulose fiber.

At the conference, Ron Price, then General Manager of AIM, known as the Barley Green company explained how Dr Hagiwara bought hope to millions of people through his patented Barley Grass. The product is sold as Barley Green, and Green Magma.

The next year, I attended a convention on the Gold Coast in Australia where I met some of the original farmers who bought this product to Australia.

AIM had been the main distributor of Dr Hagiwara's product since 1982, and shortly after his death, noticed a change in the quality of the product. They decided to look at taking the technology further, and after some years of experimentation, produced an even better Barley Grass product they called Barley Life.

What Will Barley Life Do For You

Here Are Some Stories From People Who Have Taken Barley Life

"I test my blood monthly for hemoglobin, red blood cell count, and other markers, and my most recent test revealed the best results of my life! These numbers were far greater than after training at altitude for eight weeks. My physiologist and coaches are scratching their heads, thinking that I had a blood transfusion. I know that AIMBarleyLife® has made a major impact on my health and performance in a very short amount of time."

Debbi Lawrence - Olympic Race Walker

"I experienced a new level of energy very quickly -it just amazed me! My mental alertness seemed to increase and I had an overall sense of general wellbeing. I love the way it makes me feel. I can see AIM BarleyLife® bringing incredible improvements in health to many people's lives -how wonderful"!

Jill Colless - Sydney Australia

 Scientific Research Backs Up Claims

"Lab results illustrated that AIM BarleyLife™ has an amazing protein and amino acid profile, including all the essential amino acids necessary for adults. Essential amino acids cannot be synthesized in adequate amounts by the body and must be supplied in foods. They are necessary for growth and metabolism in the body".

"The antioxidant level in AIM BarleyLife™ is beyond expectations. Pushing back the frontiers of science, AIM funded experts in phytochemical research to examine the new product. The scientists found that AIM BarleyLife™ is rich in at least two powerful antioxidants, lutonarin and saponarin. According to the scientists, of the two phytochemicals, lutonarin is the superior antioxidant, and it is found at extremely high levels in AIM BarleyLife™".

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