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My journey to good health started back when I was 25. As a child, I was often sick. I managed to get Rheumatic Fever when I was 14 and ended up in bed for 3 months. I was plagued with Bronchitis for some years, and had every infectious disease possible, including mumps, measles, and whooping cough. I was the slowest runner in school, and although I liked to play sport, never made any representative team. My best effort was a second in the sack race in primary school.

You can see that by the time I ventured overseas, I was already on the downslide. I remember being in Johannesburg and having searing toothaches. Somehow I managed to drag myself around the world, photographing the remaining steam trains along the way. Health wise, I ended up in bed with Amoebic Dysentery in Mexico and came home with boils the size of golf balls making regular appearances on various parts of my body. I eventually found a medication that killed them off.

On the last part of my world travels, I met a girl in Peru and we decided to come home to Australia together. Eventually she arrived after months of negociation with Australian Immigration, and was constantly complaining of stomach pains. We went to a bunch of Doctors who had no idea what to do and in the end pronounced her a hypochondriac. This drove us into the arms of a Naturopath, residing in less than clean premises. After a couple of colonics and a bowel detox, suddenly my partner felt better. I then started on colonics and juicing fresh fruits and vegetables and very soon I was feeling much stronger and fitter.

That was nearly 40 years ago, and now I rarely get even a cold, play competition tennis, and have better health than most people 10 years younger than me. Considering where I started, I think that gives me some credibility when it comes to staying young and healthy. Over the years I have been friends with a number of health professionals and naturopaths, and have learned much along the way.

Rule Number 1 – Regular detox

Like it or not, in recent times, we are being faced with an ever increasing cocktail of heavy metals, and chemicals in our food, water and air. These have evolved over many years and we are at the point where big business ruthlessly uses these to enhance food flavour, increase crop yields, and make food addictive, in pursuit of greater profits. One company, McDonalds, at one time decided to trial wholemeal buns. This reduced the number of burgers sold, so they stopped selling them. Their buns are specially made with a higher sugar content than normal bread, to make them more addictive. The same can be said for soda pop or soft drinks, including some very famous brands. When it comes to keeping your body Alkaline, the main culprits causing acidity are proceseed and junk foods, most things in a packet, meat, dairy, soft drinks or soda pop, alcohol, and baked goods. Meat, cheeese, alchol and soft drinks have a pH around 3 which is highly acidic and detrimental to your health. Industrialisation, processing of minerals and mining, along with power generation, spew heavy metals into the air, and these have floated around the globe causing countless health issues. These are silent or invisible killers, because in most cases they are undetectable to the human senses, or cleverly disguised.

Given we were not designed to combat these foreign invaders, we need help to get them out. The medical profession tell us it is not a problem, but I beg to differ after many years seeing people who in some cases were told there was no hope, return to vital health. In any case for the most part detox is harmless at very worst, and at best may save your life, so why wouldn’t anyone give it a go? What if all those Doctors and researchers are wrong? The reason they give that toxins aren’t an issue is that there are no definitive studies, therefore until there are, we can keep consuming toxic laden products.

How To Detoxify

Like everything else in life, this can be as simple or as complicated as you wish. There are two levels of detox. One is cleansing the bowel and allowing it to do its job, the other is cellular detox at a deeper level. When it comes to removing toxins, the bowel is the first point of call. Once the bowel becomes toxic, inflamation (the cause of all disease) moves on the the liver, kidneys, skin and other organs, and one by one they break down. An acidic system provides an environment for all sorts of bugs to thrive, further leading to inflamation and disease. The state of your colon even affects your mental health as signals are sent back to the brain to control your mood. Cleaning your colon is the first step to good health.

Bowel and Parasite Cleanse

Herbal Fiberblend is my main choice for detoxification. This product has been around for over 20 years and is a proven colon cleanser and parasite remover. It is a mix of 17 herbs developed by herbalist Teresa Schumaker in her quest to keep her husband alive. Unfortunately, he eventually passed away, but the patients she gave this product to started telling everyone about it and pretty soon AIM, a company I have been involved with for over 25 years, came to see her and agreed to distribute it to the world.

Today the formula is virtually the same and myriads of people love this product and have seen the many benefits. In addition to cleansing the colon and helping with bowel movements, it kills many intestinal parasites and helps the colon return to the way it should be.

Regrettably, sugar and many of the ingredients in today’s processed and fast foods, make a mess of the friendly bacteria in the colon and clog up our personal sewage systems. It is a major cause of ill health, and colon cancer happens to be one of the most popular cancers in western society.

There are many products and detox diets out there, but this is relatively easy to consume and produce results that are measureable.

Rule Number 2 – Drink Alkaline Water

The amount of water you consume has an effect on your health. At least 2 liters a day is a mnimum amount, and shen drinking this quantity, you need a good filter that produces pesticide free alkaline water.

There are many filters on the market, and you should get one if you wish to be healthy, as consuming more water with junk in it means consuming more toxins, which is counter productive to your efforts to be healthy.


Rule Number 3 – Watch Your pH

Disease is the result of inflammation in the body. Every thought we have, every stress we take on, and every toxin we put into our bodies, causes inflammation. It can be countered by eating more raw or even cooked fruits and vegetables, custting down on alcohol, soda pop, meat, dairy and baked goods, and not eating junk food, or packaged food. The body’s pH shoujld be slightly alkaline, in the range of 7-74. on the scale. YOu can do a simple test on your urine every morning using test strips which will show what your pH is. after my health started to decline recently, i was advised t monitor this and to my horror, I was showing 6.2 which is highly acidic.

One month after changing to an alkaline diet and monitoring my pH and foods I ingest, my resting heart rate has dropped 10 points, my blood pressure is down from 160/90 to 117/27, and I have shed 8 kgs of weight. I am amazed how quickly my mood and health have improved.

pH strips are easy to use and I will be adding them to my list of available products once I have one I know I can trust.


Rule Number 4 – Proper Nutrition

While detox is very important it is not the full picture. It would be my first step, as a heavily toxic body simply can’t extract nutrients from supplements or food. In the end the rule of thumb with food is to eat as much raw fruits and vegetables as possible. It takes around 1,000 kgs of grass to produce 1 kg of beef, which means toxins are concentrated 1,000 fold in meat compared to vegetables. Cooking destroys many enzymes, important for digestion, although it is not quite that simple. The second factor is to cut down on processed food and stay clear of anything that is genetically modified. GM crops are banned in Europe while in Australia, we are happily destroying the genetic makeup of regular crops. Reducing intake is the best we can do.

A second factor with food is soil management. Massive amounts of artificial fertilizers are used in farming, and it is no coincidence that there is a real cancer issue in farming communities. This has some origin in the herbicides and pesticides sprayed on crops, and chemicals to improve yields. The result is that many fresh foods only have a fraction of the nutrients they once had.

Again, there is a wide range of nutrients necessary for good health, although we actually require only small amounts of each. Products such as Barley Life, which contains dried juice from young barley plants provide super nutrition. You can add other vegetables such as carrots and beetroot to give an even more potent toxin free nutritional shot.

Rule Number 5 – Look After Your Immune System

While detoxing will definitely reduce the burden on your immune system, I find that it is not enough to really stop colds and flu. For many years, I have been using Barleylife, a product specifically designed to supply the many nutrients essential for the immune system to operate at peak efficiency. IN addition to green barley powder, which is freeze dried to maintain the nutritional content, it has a range of other vegetables to keep yhour immune system humming. As T cells from the immune system are assigned to stop cancer spreading, this is an excellent preventive method, and it is not that expensive.

When it comes to supporting your body’s systems, there are a few very simple things you can do. One is to move your body by at least doing some long walks or more energetic exercise. Another is to simply filter the water you drink. Also get out of the city air occasionally. Breathing fumes every day is going to make you old faster!

You will find more information on the technologies discussed on this site and plenty of other support to keep you alive and kicking for a long time to come.